My own religious views…

In case anyone wonders what I, myself, believe about God and the cosmos and whatnot, I would have to say that I am an agnostic somewhere inbetween “strong” agnosticism and “weak” agnosticism.

The link above will give you an adequate explanation of the stance, but I also must admit I waver a lot. That’s why I say I’m between those two poles. The essence of agnosticism is not disbelief in any sort of God — that’s atheism. An agnostic stance is that a human being simply cannot know whether or not God exists; we’re just not equipped to handle it. I suppose you might say that an agnostic sits around saying, “Well, the jury’s still out on this whole thing.” I break a little bit from “strong” agnosticism there, in that I do, in a sense, believe that some sort of God exists — I just believe that there’s no way you’re ever going to empirically prove that such a God exists, even with a miracle, which I would most likely write off as a freak natural occurence. Personally, I just think it’s irrelevant to speculate on the nature of God when I believe the nature of God is inherently unknowable. This is where faith steps in. You could also call the agnostic a deist of any sort who is unwilling to take the blind leap of faith (I applaud those who do, however) into a religion (I did not say “cult’) of any sort. Thus, I think the general rules to life are acting as however your higher ethical and rational reasoning dictate (my theory being if God does exist and has given us any “gift”, it is reason). In other words, I still think one should attempt to lead a “good” life. I’m just saying I have NO idea if you’re going to get into heaven if you do it, because I have NO idea if there IS a heaven.

Right. That’s about it. 🙂

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