Kari Byron

Okay. I’m known to watch MythBusters. Yes, yes, I plead geekdom. I can’t help but think how wonderful it would be to make my living…well, okay they’re not ALWAYS blowing things up…but basically by blowing things up. I mean, usually something gets blown up. And that’s cool. Right, Beavis?

I also have to confess an uber-crush on the Kari Byron, the enormously attractive redhead on the show (who never seems to wear a shirt that reaches all the way past her stomach). Having gone to school at U.C. Berkeley (and somehow remained a conservative lounge lizard), I can safely say that she’s an amalgam of every cute and perky San Francisco chick I ever chased after. It helps that I dated like four redheads out there. And I don’t even prefer redheads! I like brunettes, mostly, and then blondes, and blondes over brunettes if they…oh what the hell am I talking about, Angelina Jolie wins the pillowfights I have in my head with Marilyn Monroe. But a lot of times Kari Byron is standing around looking perky in a nightie.

No, I do not have screen captures, yes, I could get them, no, I won’t, I’m not that far gone into fantasy (yet). Byron, I think, would prefer to be known for her art rather than her stint on MythBusters, so I’ll just post a link to said art right here and no there are no pictures of her there either (just get off your ass and google her if you want to see her).

Worship mode off.

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