It ain’t me, babe…

I recently received a comment that I’m not posting because it contains the sender’s email. They’re looking for a different Kip Lange than me. If you are the other Kip Lange (scary, there’s more than one of us), then I received this message for you:

Hi Kip,

If you are the Kip Lange who stayed in Cologne at family Nehl about ten years ago, please let us know via e-mail so that we can send an e-mail to you.

So, if you’re the other Kip Lange the email mentions, post a reply and I’ll give you their email address in a safe, non-spiderable form, so you and they won’t get spam from it. In fact, since I moderat all comments, you can leave your email address in a reply to this post, as the above people did for another post, and it will not get published, I swear to you, and I’ll mail you with the address of these friendly folks who are looking for you.

By the way, Lord knows I wished I had stayed at Cologne at some point in my life.

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