How To Make Your IPhone Recognize The Word “Fuck”

If you’re at all like me, the fact that your iPhone constantly autocorrects the f-word so it reads “ducking”, you’ve probably wondered if there’s any way you can get the damned thing to ever autocorrect the word properly — fuck, fucker, fucking, etc.


Add two contacts. Just fake, empty contacts. Name one (first name, last name) “fuck, fucker” and name the other “fucked, fucking”.

Now go and try to type some text in something. Try to mess up the word “fuck” a little bit. It should now autocorrect to the above listed profanities instead of defaulting to “ducking” and so on.

You’re welcome.


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One Response to How To Make Your IPhone Recognize The Word “Fuck”

  1. Slavi says:

    Thank you. This has been my annoyance forever.

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