Good news from the West…

Got an email back from DF. All is well out there, he’s hopefully going to be in a short-distance relationship soon (with the same girl *bonk*), he has two weeks left to go (roughly) until he’s out of school with a degree in…I actually don’t know EXACTLY what, but it’s centered around film and video editing.

With K-Rhyme getting his PhD in the history of the study of the history of film studies (or something like that, what are you smokin’, K-Rhyme?), and SC doing trailers for Kurdish TV, that makes three people I’ve gone to school with ending up working with film and video. Good luck to all of them.

Ah yes, also, DF read my myspace rant, and actually apologized to me for having a myspace account, so I have to point out, this is not about ALL the people I know on myspace. DF is fine on myspace, like the ideal vision of my myspace user, he has a small account, easy-to-read webpage…the rant is just about some of the people my age and the fact that they’re focused on building this huge friends lists and etc. So don’t think I hate you if you use myspace and I know you. I probably like you if I know you and you’re on there. Probably. 🙂

And me? Spent an hour today jumping a car and then it went dead again in the dark in the wrong position and I’m leaving the damn thing until tomorrow.

Over and out.

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