Fuck Don Shula and the Depends he rode in on

Seen Don Shula’s remarks about the Patriots? That they should have an asterisk placed next to them in the record books if the run the table and go 19-0 this year (he’s tried to back off a little since he made the remark)?

I love what Tedy Bruschi had to say about it:

“If someone questions your integrity, if someone questions who you are, if someone questions the organization you’ve been a part of ever since you walked into the league, would it upset you?” linebacker Tedy Bruschi [stats] asked. “So yes, it does upset me. I can’t control how people feel about it. I can’t control what comes out of their mouths. I only control what I do out there and what we do as a defense and what we do as a team. We keep winning and playing hard. If they want to keep saying those things, maybe we just need to play a little bit harder.”

Hehe. The Spygate thing, here in New England? We love it. Let these guys pile it on. Because it motivates the Pats more and more to beat the heck out of teams to prove they’re the real deal. Which they most certainly are.

However, I’d like to add that I think that if the Pats do go 19-0, Don Shula’s precious geriatric 1972 Dolphins team should have an asterisk placed next to it, because they only went 16-0.

The “fabled” 1972 Dolphins also only played two teams with a record over .500 that season. Kansas City and the New York Giants, both of whom ended up with the unbelievable records of 8-6.

In addition, I believe the Dolphins were fined a first-round pick…for hiring Shula, there were some shennigans that went on there.

Also, those evil Patriots who run up the score, they’re nothing like the 1972 Dolphins, I suppose, who on 11/12/72 beat New England…52-0

So Shula should stick to yelling at kids to get out of his yard and shut his trap about football and asterisks.

Let’s also not forget that taping a team’s signals is not illegal. It’s not what the Pats got in trouble for. You can tape a team’s signals. Yes, you can. You can do it from the booth. Every NFL team does it. But you can’t have a cameraman on the opposing sideline do it. That’s the only infraction we’re talking about here.

I think the NutriSystem has finally driven Shula insane, myself.

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