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Penn & Teller & Autism & Neuroplasticity

Because neuroplasticity is the shizzle. And so are Penn & Teller. Ancient Magical Illusion Even More Effective Than Magicians May Realize

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Atlantic Oaks Campground — AWESOME

I just want to take a second here to fulfill a promise I made. I want to thank the proprietors of Atlantic Oaks Campground in Eastham, MA, for helping a weary, cold, family in need during the blizzard. A family … Continue reading

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Back on the market?

So here I am, thinking to myself, it’s been ten years since you last did…anything…with a woman. On purpose. I did this for several reasons. First, I had a couple that got away. Two, exactly, if I’m counting right. Yeah, … Continue reading

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PlayStation 4 (“Orbis”) Release Announcement on Feb 20th

Well, here we are at the end of the current console cycle (but, hey, if any more games like DeadSpace 3 come out, we’re going out with a bang!). PlayStation is expected to announce the release date of the PlayStation … Continue reading

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