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She Wore Blue Velvet

The first movie my late father ever showed me was David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. I remember, he was so excited. He rented it down at the local video store, came back, and said, “Kip, this movie is supposed to be … Continue reading

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Life of a Repo Man is Always Intense

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Some Advice on Television Purchases

I recently had to move (my house burned down, for those who don’t know), and I had to purchase a new television, so I thought I’d briefly share my experience with everyone and let you know what I think the … Continue reading

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Another Family Guy Joke Explained: Juliette Lewis Making Out With Dogs

In Season 14, Episode 16 of “Family Guy”, titled “The Heartbreak Dog”, the writers hint that Juliette Lewis makes out with dogs. Peter finds out that Bonnie has made out with Brian and blurts out, “My God! Who would do … Continue reading

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