Review of some Velvet Cloud Vapor e-liquids

Alright, some quick juice reviews for you. I recently found out about Velvet Cloud Vapor, @SFVapor on Twitter, located in, of course, San Francisco. They make high quality VG (vegetable glycerin)-only juices. So far I’ve ordered six and tried five.

First off, I have to say, the thing I’m loving about Velvet Cloud is their truth in advertising. When they tell you what a vapor tastes like on their site, when the bottle comes, it actually tastes like what they said it would. I have not had the same luck with many other sites.

Onto my five reviews:

Vanilla Custard — Tastes *exactly* like vanilla custard. I happen to like vanilla, so this is one of my new favorite juices. It may be too sweet and custardy for some people, though — it is awfully sweet. But I really do like the stuff. Went through two 19 ml tanks of it in no time at all. If you’ve never tried vanilla custard, think: “Butterscotchy lite”.

Night Shift — This is described on the site as “glazed chocolate and vanilla donut, with coffee mixed in”. And it tastes like it. A very subtle and smooth taste. I enjoyed it very much and went through a 19 ml tank of it in less than a day. It took a little getting used to, but I like this stuff as a smooth all-day vape.

Mewlew’s Magic — This one I did not like so much, but only because I’m not a fan of chocolate. If you love chocolate, you will love this flavor. It’s straight chocolate and quite strong. Too strong for me; I emptied it out after half a tank vaped. It’s their signature blend and most people love it.

Monkey Business — Again, this was a bit too chocolatey for me. It’s banana chocolate, basically. It vapes very well and tastes good, but, as I said, the chocolate taste overwhelmed me. Vaped 2/3rds of a tank until I moved on.

Campfire — Tastes slightly of chocolate, slightly cinnamony, slightly like toasted marshmallows. Good stuff; it reminded me of Night Shift in its smooth vape. I’m currently 1/2 a tank through this stuff and it’s vaping very –again — smoothly.

I have one flavor I haven’t tried out yet, and that’s Maple Breakfast. I’ll post on that in the future.

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Why Samsung Tech Support is worthless (and LG and Apple aren’t)

What an Orwellian few days I have had dealing with Samsung. Let me bring you up to speed — I have a TV that’s less than two months old, and it has a dead pixel smack dab in the middle of the screen. Since it’s 60″, it’s pretty goddamn noticeable. Like a zit on the middle of the prom queen’s forehead.

In the past, I’ve had dead pixels. Single ones, like this. But I had an LG TV, and in the other cases, an Apple iPad. Now, Apple was the absolute best — they just took two iPads back with single dead pixels and gave me new ones. LG was the second best — they replaced the panel on the TV *twice* with one single dead pixel.

Samsung? Samsung Tech Support is a collection of assholes. I called them regarding my dead pixel on the phone, and after 2 hours, received the message that “your TV is operating within technical specifications”. In other words, “it’s broken, we admit that, but it’s not broken enough for us to fix it.”

I took to Twitter to vent my rage. Someone from @SamsungSupport got in touch with me. I gave them my ticket number, and proceeded to go through a 2-day process where they asked met to send them pictures, etc., describe the problem, and so on. It was a complete waste of time because they ended up with the same answer. “Your TV is operating within technical specifications.”

Really? I wonder if they’d put a TV with a dead pixel on a showroom floor. And if 1919 x 1079p is acceptable, they should put on the box, “1080p — or 1079p, or maybe 1060p, we’re not really sure!”

It’s as simple as this: LG and Apple are better companies than Samsung. They adhere to “the customer is always right” rule. Samsung is cheap. They don’t want to ship me a new panel because it costs them too much money — never mind that the current panel is broken.

So, you know what? I think 5-6 more pixels on my TV may “suddenly” go dead and we’ll see if Samsung will fix it then. If, of course, 4 of those pixels suddenly become magically unstuck, well, that’s not my problem.

Anyway, bottom line, I strongly urge you to avoid buying Samsung TVs. Their picture quality is inferior to LG’s as well. Get an LG, or a Sony, anything but a Samsung. Or if you burn out a pixel you’ll get caught in doublespeak from Samsung that would make George Orwell proud. I, personally, will never buy another Samsung product as long as I live, and am planning on returning this TV to Best Buy, even if it costs me my full contract, to get a TV from a company that actually gives a shit about their customers.


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Update: Caleb Jacoby FOUND

Sorry I didn’t get to this earlier, but Caleb Jacoby was found safe and sound in Times Sq., NYC last week. *massive sigh of relief*

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Caleb Jacoby, possible sightings in Providence, RI area.

ABC is reporting that there may have been sightings of the missing child Caleb Jacoby, son of Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe, in the Providence, RI area. Story here:

Am reposting “Missing” poster containing physical details and contact information:

Missing Child: Caleb Jacoby, description and contact information.

Missing Child: Caleb Jacoby, description and contact information.

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Caleb Jacoby, missing child, please help find him NOW.

Caleb Jacoby, son of the Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby, has been missing since Monday. Detailed description and contact information in the attached photo. Please, let’s bring Caleb home as quickly and safely as possible, and PLEASE continue to circulate the following photo and contact information. Jeff and his family need your help and prayers right now.

Missing Child: Caleb Jacoby, description and contact information.

Missing Child: Caleb Jacoby, description and contact information.

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A Few Changes

I’ve made a few updates to my blog. Notably, there are four new widgets (thingies) at the bottom of the page, formatted correctly. One is a wunderbar new poll. One is a calendar of posts. One is a hit tracker, and one is a link to my RSS feeds. Enjoy.

In the process, the BrainyQuote Quote of the Day seems to have disappeared, but not through any fault of my own; it looks like BrainyQuote itself is having some problems. I can do a Nature Quote of the Day, but not just a random one. Perhaps this is a message from the great God Interweb that I should be communing more with nature (it would be wise, actually).


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How to Disable the Annoying New Right-Click Menus in Chrome (now that they’re hardcoded)

Okay. You may have noticed that the old fix for disabling the annoying new extra-white menus on Google Chrome no longer works (adding –disable-new-menu-style to the shortcut), as in build 28 they have hardcoded it and removed the option to get rid of them. This seems a bit of a spiteful move, so let’s respond in spite.

First, go into Chrome, go to your settings, go to Advanced, and disable the Google Update plugin.

Now uninstall Chrome completely.

Go here:

…and download that version of Chrome, which is still build 27.

Now do the same thing you did before; right-click the shortcut and add “–disable-new-menu-style” to the end of the shortcut field.

It works, trust me. Thank God.

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(golden lady, #5)

I can't remember
What I didn't say;
I can't remember
What I didn't do;
  Yet give me a moment to lay
  All these remembrances at your feet
    and pardon me for being indiscreet.

What I didn't say
 Could fill volumes
What I didn't say
 Could have won the day

What I didn't do
  Stretches to infinity
  Yet am I no divinity
And neither are you.

So in solace I will take
  Some small measure of peace
  A chance to renew the lease
Of my tenure on this world.

But what of what you
  Did not say?
What of what you
  Did not do?

Those wounds break apart anew.

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(golden lady, #4)

The silence that you keep
 is enough
  to make a man weep;
Yet steadfast I remain
In your service;
 Resolutely at your side
  Ready to turn the tide.

I do not know whereof I speak;
 I do not know
  What promises I keep
   or what debts I owe.

But those shackles that you
 bind me with
  that eternal

Silence that you keep.
That silence that you keep.

In desperation,
 I close my eyes.
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(golden lady, #3)

In our dreams we stroll side by side
Unfettered by the rolling of the tide
I turn and ask you your
     great secret
But to my chagrin
     you always keep it.

Why am I still here?
What the anchor that drags me
    into your
     depths of sorrow?

Something you lost, something you gave
A memory you seek to save.

And here I remain your faithful

To mine own tune you dance, my dear.

Go, now

As the horizon disappears beyond
     your heavy eyes.

And me, I remain your surprise.





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