Onboard Realtek HD Audio Dolby Digital Live/DTS Connect Not Working in Windows 10

If you have onboard Realtek HD sound, and you’ve updated to Win 10 — even if you’re using the unlocked drivers — you will notice that it is no longer able to play anything in Dolby Digital Live or DTS Connect. The options are still available, but testing them produces a “Failed to play test tone” error message, and switching to DD or DTS through optical out (or any form of output) gives you dead silence when trying to play a file, or a “This device does not support the selected format” error message.

THIS IS A KNOWN BUG. It is *not* your drivers. Don’t go crazy uninstalling and reinstalling drivers. The fix is at least more than three weeks out, unfortunately, even for those in the Windows Insider program. It is being worked on, however. You can find the thread for it right here:

Realtek HD ALC892 – DTS Connect not working

Currently my workaround is to send HDMI out to my TV through my graphics card (nVidia GeForce 980Ti), then Toslink from the TV to receiver, and this way I can at least get AC3 (Dolby Digital) to work; unfortunately, I can’t get it to work in VLC Player, only in the supplied Windows 10 “Movies and TV” app. It’s annoying, but I’m not shelling out money for a new sound card when it’s a known bug being worked out that will eventually get resolved.

Good luck to all of you having the same problem.

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The Imminent Demise of Donald Trump

The debate, and the ensuing dust-up with Megyn Kelly, mark the beginning of the end for The Donald. If you’re a Republican and you lose Fox News…worse yet, ATTACK a popular Fox News host for asking a perfectly fair question (you think the Clinton Machine wouldn’t bring up Trump’s disparaging remarks towards women if he were the nominee?), then insinuate she was menstruating — you’re lost.

Ailes and Murdoch have been fighting over this, with Murdoch worried Trump is damaging the brand, while Ailes loves that he’s bringing in ratings. Now Trump is going to lose Ailes, and Fox News (which he mistook for his friend, when it’s not, frankly — some of the opinion people give him an easy time, but he faced the serious journalistic side of Fox in the debate), and that’s bad for him. In addition, other people did very well in the debate (Rubio, Kasich, Fiorina), and now they will begin to get more interviews, more donors, and more cash, which will let them buy up more name recognition. So Trump’s enormous name recognition will cease to be such a factor.

This is NOT, as Charles Krauthammer put it, “The collapse of Trump,” not at all — Trump’s still fun, he’s still a fad, just like Herman Cain was for a while — but now other serious candidates are showing themselves and Trump is beginning to look buffoonish in his inability to switch himself “off” from his perpetual attack mode. It won’t wear well on people.

So while Trump will not collapse in the polls, he will sink slightly, as the other candidates begin to rise up. And eventually we will have a nominee who can seriously win, as opposed to Trump. Our only worry now is treating him “fairly”, as he put it, or he’s threatened to take all his marbles (what few he has left) and go play over in a third-party, which would basically guarantee Clinton the election without even doing any heavy-lifting. It would be ’92 with Perot again all over, except with an even crazier guy going on in his little third-party corner. So people will remain nice to him, with the possible exception of Rand Paul and a few others.

One thing to look for is when Ted Cruz stops supporting Trump. When Cruz breaks from Trump, which he has not done so far, it will be a serious sign that The Donald is on his last legs.

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Netflix Playback Error M7357-1003 (WidevineCdm component error) in Google Chrome quick fix

I recently had trouble playing Netflix in Chrome; it was giving me an error (M7357-1003) that said I needed to update my WidevineCdm component. I tried this, and it didn’t work. I tried a bunch of other fixes I found online and none of them worked.

The real fix is simple. So simple you will smack yourself if you’ve been trying to fix this.

Run Chrome as an administrator. It’ll work now. 🙂

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RIP Joe Perdoni

Incredibly sad news out of Wellesley. Joe Perdoni, a former WHSer, and owner of the Old School Pizzeria, has passed away, leaving behind a wife and children. I don’t know much at this time other than he was sick the night before, that his wife left to take the children to school, and came back to find him dead.

I was not incredibly great friends with Joe but I played ball with him and we got along quite well. He was a damned fine man; generous, kind, and funny. He will be missed.

You can read more about it on “The Swellesley Report” here:


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Help me get “Skullduggery” (1983) RIFFED!

I need your help, guys. When I was in fifth grade, my dad invested in this AWFUL movie, Skullduggery, with $10k that my grandfather (on my mother’s side) had given me to start a college fund. We lost every cent on it; we no longer have any rights to the thing. This is not about money. This is about a bucket list item for me: Getting this awful thing riffed by the guys at RiffTrax! The old MST3k guys! Now my dad is suffering from congestive heart failure, and this would be the ULTIMATE present I could get him to cheer him up.

What I need you to do is go to: http://ideas.rifftrax.com, type in “Skullduggery (1983)”, without the quotes, find the entries, and vote them up with all your votes!

There is a review of the movie up over here at SomethingAwful.com. My favorite line from the review: “There aren’t enough obscenities in the English vocabulary for what I want to say, so I’m going to have to modify one: superfuck you, Ota Richter. Superfuck you and your superfucking movie.” (Ota Richter directed it; friend of my father’s).

Over here at the iMDB boards, there are posts dating back to 2001 begging for the movie to be riffed. One review actually says, “When the MST3k guys get together and reunite at some point and lament the movies they missed, I hope this at the top of their list.” Review titles? “This movie made me hate life itself”, “I rented it!! Someone please help me!!!”, “Why, Skullduggery, why?”, “The hurting, the hurting…”, and on and on and on.

And, last but not least, here’s a clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9LOjhHxysg

So hurry up, go to ideas.rifftrax.com, type in “Skullduggery (1983)” (without the quotes) and use all your votes to vote it up! You don’t even need an account! Please! Help me get this riffed, come on!

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Dying Light debuts on PC with a myriad of faults; my fixes

Well, Dying Light is here, and from what I’ve been seeing around the Internet, this game suffers from the usual “meant for console, ported to PC” problems. The first thing I noticed was that in SLI mode I would get a severe performance drop and the screen would flicker like mad. This has since been fixed, it looks like, but SLI is still messing up.

I have the latest drivers, latest GeForce Experience, an i7-4930k at 3.7 ghz, 16 megs of RAM, two nVidia GTX 780Tis SLI-linked. Should be more than enough to run this game, but when I run in SLI mode, no matter what I do to the settings, I get framerate drops from around 70-80 FPS to 20-30 FPS. And I’m not moving very far when it happens; I’m testing it around the initial camp. If I just wander around the camp, the FPS drops. There’s no rhyme or reason to it; it has nothing to do with the action onscreen.

Disabling SLI fixes this, it seems. No FPS drops to speak of. It seems they got rid of the flicker issue but still are having some problems with SLI.

Couple other things to check out — in the Control Panel, under Power Management, choose “Best Performance”, just to be safe. Turn off Motion Blur in the game (I hate it anyway, I frickin’ hate motion blur, you get natural motion blur with your eyes). Make sure you have the latest game profiles in GeForce Experience.

I’ve also heard stories about memory leak problems, where you play for an hour or so and the game degrades terribly after that and you have to restart. Hasn’t happened to me so far, but I’ve been messing with the settings so much I haven’t really put that much actual playtime into the game.

For now, keep SLI off; wait for driver updates from nVidia or further patches for Dying Light (but mostly the nVidia drivers). Also, in GeForce Experience, make sure you have not optimized the game using DSR. DSR is a way to render in a higher resolution and display an optimized version at your native resolution. It essentially forces anti-aliasing. It also has a big impact on framerate in games. If you’re running DSR at 4k and downscaling to 1080p, your computer will still run the game as efficiently as if it was running it in 4k — which is to say, not very well at all.

I hate to say this, being an avid PC gamer, but you might be better off buying this title for a console, specifically PS4. I hear it runs great on it. And, as always, when you port from console to PC you’re going to end up with a few problems. Here’s to hoping they get them fixed, because what little I’ve played of Dying Light I really like.

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Civilization: Beyond Earth patch finally releases, fixes 1920×1080 issue

After quite a long wait, Civilization: Beyond Earth has got its first patch out. It fixes several issues, but most notably, it takes care of the 1920×1080 “only windowed” 1080p prolbem. You can now play fullscreen in 1920×1080 (1080p).

Here’s a list of all the changes/fixes in the patch.

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Fix for Assassin’s Creed Unity framerate stuttering and low framerate problems

It’s pretty simple. Play the game in offline mode and it all goes away and you’re playing with no framerate hiccups, even in large crowd.

I first found the thread about it on reddit here, then immediately tested it tonight myself and it worked like a charm. Just put your PS4 offline (I’m assuming this also works on Xbox One, not so sure about PC).

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Civilization: Beyond Earth Fullscreen 1920×1080 (1080p) not working

Well, I was waiting with bated breath for the new Civilization: Beyond Earth; I downloaded it at midnight, and I can’t play it (except in Windowed mode, which is distracting as all hell and which I will not do on principle) in the standard 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution (“1080p”, but us computer geeks know it better as the simple 1920×1080 standard resolution). Apparently, during all their testing over at 2k and Firaxis and whatever, no one ever bothered to try to run the game at that resolution on a 144 hz monitor. You got it, that’s the issue (144 hz), according to this link:


I love the Civ games but this is really beyond the pale in terms of a pathetic glitch that got through. 144 hz machines are standard for a lot of gamers, including myself (I was just zipping around the net and noted two people looking forward to playing Civ: BE at 144 hz, before the launch tonight), and now we can’t run the game in the standard computing resolution almost everyone uses — without running it in Windowed mode. Until we get a patch. In my humble opinion, the patch should have been out about an hour or two after release. *grumble*

You can follow the issue on Twitter over here.

There’s also a thread on reddit about it over here.


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“Pawn Stars” — Olivia Black’s nude SuicideGirls photoshoot

If any of you people out there follow the enormously popular reality show “Pawn Stars”, you may know that at one point, somewhat recently, they hired an attractive female night clerk to help them out named Olivia Black. She was fairly popular on the show, but they then had to fire her after finding out she did a nude photo shoot for “SuicideGirls”, a softcore, Playboy-style nude photo site that features nude photos of “alternative” hipster girl with tattoos, piercings, glasses, and whatnot. It’s actually quite a big deal.

If you want to see the photo shoot (WARNING: NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW! — Not Suitable For Work!!!) the full shoot has been put up here. You’re welcome. 😉

Also, I find it ironic that the title of a show is a play on “Porn Stars” and they had to fire a member due to a nude photo shoot. 😉

Again, the link (NSFW!) is here: http://imgur.com/a/i8m3k.

And, may I add, Olivia is quite the babe.

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