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The answer to ALL your troubles.

Good morning, East Coasters! Feeling down? Stressed out? Tired? THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS IS HERE. It’s a RiffTrax of the Vanilla Ice vehicle “Cool as Ice”. It’s also the best $10 you will ever spend in your entire … Continue reading

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Message to Julian Assange

I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but this broke yesterday: Julian Assange is going to run for the Senate in Australia. Here: CANBERRA, Australia — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange regards his bid to become an Australian senator as a … Continue reading

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Meteor Strike In Russia

I was talking to someone in Puerto Rico last night, and they said, “Is there something going on? The sky is all weird. It’s all…orange and shit…”. Well, I think maybe this has something to do with it… Moscow (CNN) — … Continue reading

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Playing Chess With Life

I want to talk about something that may sound a little weird for a second. Especially to non-chess players. Does anyone else besides me “play chess with life”? I am not the person who coined the term; a friend of … Continue reading

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…and it was good.

Whoops, I memed…for any and all Hemingway fans out there:

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Laura McDonald spoofs Kristen Stewart; Kristen Stewart “explains” cheating…

This is good for a laugh, trust me — Laura McDonald has Kristen Stewart’s mumbly-bumbly mannerisms down pat.

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The “Welcome to Jamaica” Joke

Dirty joke time! There’s a guy named Jack. He has a girlfriend named Wendy. Jack is hopelessly in love with Wendy, and decides to ask her to marry him. To prove how much he loves her, he goes and gets “Wendy” tattooed on … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen’s Staple Center Rant

I have to say, in defense of smokers everywhere whom this has happened to — at a movie theater, wherever — that I echo Charlie’s sentiment a bit. The rant can be found here.

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Lake Norman High School Yearbook Photo Uncensored

Okay. So by now you’ve probably heard of this — some graduating senior from a high school in North Carolina is accused of flashing her junk during a graduation photo. Did she do it intentionally? I highly doubt it. Do … Continue reading

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Castro’s Death Probably E-mail Virus Hoax…

There are currently rumblings on Twitter that Fidel Castro has died — go to to see them — however it is also believed this may be a hoax to spread a virus via email. So if you get an … Continue reading

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